ALL customers must sign a liability waiver agreement form before the trip starts.
Trip Information:
Most trips are done at night. Besides the numerous species of fish, there is a lot more to see
when the water settles at night, i.e., ducks, birds, mink, turtles, etc. D2D uses a couple of
lakes in York County but most of the time is spent on the Susquehanna River.

Trip Time:
Your trip will start out by meeting at the location the boat will launch from. The bows will then
be set-up for each individual followed by an explanation on how they operate. At this point
the boat will push off and be heading toward the first shooting area. Specific details will be
given on aiming at and retrieving a fish. After a few practice shots, the party will begin
bow-fishing. On a good trip your arms and fingers will have had enough by the time you are
done. At the end of the trip, the fish will be laid out for pictures which will be sent to you via
email. You are welcome to keep any fish that you shoot just be prepared to take them home
with you.

Insurance Coverage:
Dusk To Dawn Bowfishing is a fully insured and licensed service. Due to this, there will be no
alcohol permitted on the boat. If a client arrives intoxicated the trip will be cancelled.

Weather Conditions:
Rain and uncontrollable weather conditions will be handled by rescheduling.

Light refreshments will be provided and you are welcome to bring any snack or non alcoholic
beverage that you may want.

Wear OLD clothing. It is not a bad idea to bring an extra set of clothing as it is common to
get dirty by putting a fish in the barrel.

Payment Info:
Please make all checks payable to Marc Spagnola

Buy Your License:
Purchase your license online through the PA fish & Boat Commission here:
Marc Spagnola
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